The daily audio workout for your head

Welcome to the Brain Training Podcast, the free daily brain training show that aims to make you sharper. 


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The Games


You’ll hear a list of random numbers. When you hear the bleep, put the numbers in ascending order.



You’ll hear a code made up of letters and numbers. When you hear the bleep you have to recite the code… backwards.



You’ll hear numbers from 1 to 10, but they’re jumbled up and one is missing. Spot the missing number.



You’ll hear a list of words. You’ll then be asked to pick out certain letters from the words.



You’ll hear a list of numbers. Add them together and when you hear the bleep remember the subtotal at that point, but then keep on adding more numbers, and remembering further subtotals as they come.



You’ll hear a list of playing cards. Remember them, and answer questions about the cards you were dealt.